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ASC National Aboriginal Hockey Championship Working Group

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The Aboriginal Sport Circle (ASC) is requesting volunteersto sit on the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship Working Group (NAHC-WG).

All qualified and interested candidates (Aboriginal ancestry with knowledge of and experience in the Aboriginal hockey community) are asked to submit a cover letter and resume to:

Heather Kaulbach, ASC, Executive Director, hkaulbach@aboriginalsportcircle.ca by September 10, 2018.

The NAHC-WG is responsible for providing guidance in the principles and processes related to the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship (NAHC) and other ASC initiatives related to the sport of hockey.


1. To establish and maintain policies, standards and guidelines related to the National Aboriginal Hockey Championship (NAHC) including those for bids, teams, coaches, officials and players;

2. To provide elite Aboriginal hockey players an opportunity to show case their skills for hockey scouts.

3. To suggest strategic direction for Aboriginal hockey development in Canada for discussion with the PTASB reps and future review by the ASC Board.

Composition: (To include First Nation, Metis, Inuit and gender equitable representation when possible)

1. NAHC-WG Chair: Jeff Spencer (EDN);

2. 5 volunteers with the necessary skill set as required: Ken Thomas (SK), Doug Hogan (YT)

plus 3 others TBC*;

3. 1 Hockey Canada representative: Amber Lesage and others as required;

4. Other Experts as required (non-voting member);

5. ASC Program-Event Coordinator: Kelsey Dayler (non-voting members);

6. ASC Board rep: Mel Whitesell (non-voting member).

Nomination / Approval:

1. NAHC-WG Terms of Reference are annually reviewed by the PTASB reps, NAHC-WG and ASC Executive Director (By June 1st) for approval by the ASC Board (By July 1st).

2. Call for nominations to the NAHC-WG by the ASC Executive Director (By July 1st);

3. The ASC Executive Director recommends the “two year” NAHC-WG appointments to the Board (By September 15th);


The NAHC-WG meetings will be held via conference calls and possibly at the NAHC if required.

Annual agenda:

1. PTASB and Team reps to complete the Post NAHC survey (May);

2. NAHC-WG, PTASB and Team reps post event debrief / survey review call (June);

3. NAHC-WG and PTASB reps to review the annual draft Technical Package (September);

4. NAHC-WG and PTASB reps review and confirmation of the final Technical Package (October);

5. Host to launch NAHC website (October);

6. ASC to release NAHC Entry forms, Technical Package, Online Registration, draft schedule (October);

7. NAHC Entry deadline line (January 31st);

8. NAHC-WG, PTASB and Host rep call (after January 31st);

9. ASC to release final schedule (February 14th);

10. NAHC-WG, PTASB and Host rep call (March);

11. NAHC Team Registration, Roster and Exemption deadline (April 15th);

12. ASC to process Team Accreditation (first training session at NAHC);

13. NAHC Final Team roster announced (upon receipt of NAHC accreditation);

13. NAHC Daily Team staff meetings (at NAHC);

13. NAHC Team Roster Challenge deadline (morning of Gold Medal game);

14. Review, revise and repeat.


All reporting will be from to NAHC-WG Chair to the ASC Executive Director, for review and presentation

to the ASC Board.


An annual operational report will be presented by the ASC Executive Director and evaluated by the

ASC Board (June).



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