Coaches and managers are appointed by The First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC), which is responsible for coordinating team EDN, and serve on a volunteer basis, unless the band council decides otherwise.*

*No funding is granted for assuming this responsibility.


Head coaches are responsible for coordinating the activities of their designated sport. They lead their group of athletes, ensuring the physical and mental preparation of those under their responsibility. Coaches do everything needed to foster a secure environment in which all team members are treated fairly and respectfully. They help organize the NAIG by handling the administrative duties required to efficiently manage both team and athletes.

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The assistant coach is responsible for supporting the head coach in coordinating the activities of their designated sport.

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Managers provide support to the team of coaches in coordinating the activities of the team for which they are selected. Managers perform the administrative tasks involved in the athletes’ registration and participation.

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Contact infos

Sport Coach Title Cell phone number Email
Athletics Sarah Cleary Head Coach
Badminton Alex Couture Head Coach 418-961-8821
Softball U19M Kenny Fontaine Head Coach 418-409-6556
Softball U19F Nadya Bacon  Head Coach  418-409-7523
Baseball Alain Madore Head Coach 581-996-4291
Basketball U19F Walter Whitebean Head Coach
Basketball U16F Steve Cassivi Head Coach 819-861-2545
Basketball U19M Tyler Gideon Head Coach 506-987-2493
Basketball U16M Pierre Kanapé Head Coach 418-446-2870
Canoe-Kayak Maris Jacobs Head Coach
Canoe-Kayak Sharon Rice Manager
Lacrosse – box U19M Ryan Jacobs  Head Coach  613-246-0329 
Lacrosse – box U19F James Burns  Head Coach
Lacrosse – box U16M Katsirakeron McComber  Head Coach  514-977-6574
Wrestling Jason Chen Head Coach
Golf James Lazare Head Coach 514-923-2189
Swimming Gabriel Rabbitskin Head Coach 819-609-6776
Soccer U16F Oronhiateken Diabo Head Coach 514-776-9321
Soccer U19F Melody Horn Head Coach 438-494-4224
3D Archery Karonhiio Curotte Head Coach 514-830-6249
Rifle shooting Shakowennenhawi Deer Head Coach 514-915-1104
Volleyball U16F Jenny-Lee Vachon Head Coach 418-961-3600
Volleyball U19F Kahsennine Nelson Manager
Volleyball U19M Hector Galaviz Head Coach  514 804-7286