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Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: When will the next tryout camps be held? How can I participate?

A: Check the Sports page regularly. Tryout camp dates and information will be posted once they are available.

2Q: Where will the Games take place?

A: In Toronto, July 16–23, 2017.

3Q: How can I participate as a volunteer, member of the support staff, or coach?

A: The coach recruiting process ended on April 18. The list of candidates for each sport will be posted soon. The EDN team will select other support staff in the fall. Information will be posted on the website.

4Q: How can I support the EDN team?

A: If you would like to support the team financially, please see the Sponsors tab for more information.

There are also other local ways to support young athletes, like organizing fundraising campaigns, or you can simply encourage them in their training and their efforts to get involved.

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