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Team Eastern Door and the North (EDN) is looking for artists from among the athletes who will be part of the team for the upcoming North American Indigenous Games.

In addition to being a great athlete, if you possess the artistic talents of a dancer, singer, artisan or drummer or in any other discipline, you are invited to submit your application BEFORE MARCH 14, 2017.

With this aim in mind, please explain in a few words the type of art that you are passionate about as well as your performance experience. Whether you have participated in artistic events, won a contest, practiced your art in a gathering or something else, please share your experiences with us.

Successful candidates will have the opportunity to present a performance of between thirty and sixty minutes as part of the Games, which is a wonderful opportunity for you to promote and share your culture and talents.

Please note that no other compensation is associated with this participation.

So, act now and send us your application privately on Facebook (Équipe PEN-Team EDN) or by email at!


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