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Are you an athlete who stands out due to your performances, tenacity, team spirit or for another reason?

Are you an inspiring athlete?

Would you like to tell your story and inspire Aboriginal youth from across Canada and the United States?

If so, there’s no time to waste! Write us a short text (maximum of 150 words) demonstrating that you have what it takes to be one of the four athletes from team EDN whose stories will be selected as part of #88 legacy campaign.


The #88 legacy campaign (http://naig2017.to/en/team-88-2/) aims to celebrate the accomplishments of Aboriginal youth across North America. Toronto, the host society for the 2017 North American Indigenous Games (NAIG), will present the stories of 88 athletes who will be participating in the NAIG this year.

Get involved in campaign #88 and do not hesitate to submit your application or even one on behalf of a peer on team EDN!

Don’t delay! The deadline for text submissions is FEBRUARY 20 and these must be sent by email to Genevieve.Voyer@cssspnql.com. Successful athletes will be contacted in order to finalize and formalize the selection.

Good luck to everyone!

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