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NAIG 2023

NAIG will take place July 15-23 in Halifax

Relevant information to come on the NAIG will be found in this section. Contents will be updated as time goes by.

The host society will provide accommodation for the various delegations. All athletes are required to stay with their team mates and coaches for the duration of the Games. For further information, please consult the participant’s handbook.

All accommodation-related information will be added to this section as soon as we have the details. Athletes must respect any rules and curfew set by the host society or their coach, as appropriate. For parents who want to attend the NAIG, it is recommended to reserve your accommodations as soon as possible given the high turnout expected in Halifax for the duration of the event. Information on competition venues for each discipline can be found here. Note that athletes will have to stay with their team at all times and will not be allowed to visit their parents at their hotel room. 

The host society will distribute an official identification card (with photo) to all athletes, coaches, assistant coaches, managers and mission staff upon their arrival at the NAIG. This proof of ID must be worn AT ALL TIMES, except by athletes during competition. The ID card will be the only means to access competition venues, residences, eating areas, transportation and on-site medical centres. An athlete or coach will not be allowed to access their competition venue without this card.

All athletes who will be selected for the 2023 NAIG must be registered by November 15, 2022, if this is not the case, please contact your coach for more information and to access the form.. They will have to be officially registered and pay the registration fee.

By confirming their registration, all athletes of team EDN undertake to respect the Participant commitment.

Learn more about the schedules


For more information on competition venues, schedules and cultural events, visit the NAIG 2023 website here.

A communications team will be on site at the NAIG to ensure coverage of competitions and distribution of team EDN results. Many platforms will be used. All details will be available as the NAIG approaches. Subscribe to the team EDN Facebook page and Instagram page to stay connected at all times.

In the event of an emergency, it will be possible to contact the coach of the affected athlete.

Composition of Team EDN for the NAIG 2023

The head coach is directly responsible for each of their athletes. Mission staff ensure activities run smoothly and support coaches and managers in their duties.

In addition to sports competitions, a Cultural Village will be set up in Halifax Commons, a centrally-located green space in Halifax. This location is close to various competition venues and the Athlete Village so easy to access for all.

Cultural component programming is being developed. Information on this topic will be added to this section when available.

Get directions to Halifax Commons with Google Maps.

All team members (athletes, coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and mission staff) will be covered by travel insurance. This comprises, among other things, adequate coverage for medical care and hospital services UPON PRESENTATION OF A VALID QUEBEC HEALTH INSURANCE CARD. Everyone is required to have this card on hand before boarding the team bus.

It is important for every athlete to bring their:

  • Valid health insurance card
  • Status Card OR Inuit or Inuvialuit identification OR a copy of a valid letter from the Band Council


Here is a list of items to pack in athletes’ luggage:

  • Light clothing and comfortable shoes (outdoor and short distance trips on foot)
  • Pair of black shorts (in case of excessive heat during the Opening Ceremonies)
  • Running shoes
  • Medication for the duration of the NAIG (Tylenol, Advil or prescribed medication, if required)
  • Ball cap or hat and sunglasses
  • Lunch and snacks for the ride to Halifax
  • Sports team uniform and equipment, as required
  • Sunscreen
  • Water bottle
  • *One personal luggage per person.Luggage and sports equipment may be placed in the bus luggage compartments. A carry-on bag may also be brought with you on the bus (backpack size).

  • *Spending money (personal spendings or souvenirs)

Please note that three meals a day will be provided to all athletes. Transportation and accommodation costs are also included in the registration fee ($280 per athlete) paid in advance. However, it is possible that teams will visit various nearby tourist sites where entry fees widely vary. Regarding how much spending money to provide, it is recommended to discuss this with your child’s coach to learn their intentions regarding the organization of activities during the NAIG.

  • **Seasonal clothing

The temperature in Halifax will likely be quite warm. The average temperature in July 2019 was 23 °C during the day.

Please note that team EDN is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen items. Each participant is responsible for their personal belongings.

Three meals a day will be provided to participants (athletes, coaches, managers and mission staff). Special arrangements can be made to accommodate any food allergy or intolerance.

It is the participant’s responsibility to inform food service staff about any allergy or intolerance when arriving at the service counter.

The host society is working to develop its medical services offer for the duration of the NAIG. To this end, athletes should have a valid health insurance card in their possession.

Refer to the ‘Insurance’ section for information about service coverage.

The host society is working to develop its medical services offer for the duration of the NAIG. To this end, athletes should have a valid health insurance card in their possession.

Refer to the ‘Insurance’ section for information about service coverage.

Youth and coaches will receive their uniforms before departing for Halifax. It is mandatory to wear this uniform during ceremonies, or traditional or cultural clothing, if desired.

Opening Ceremony
The Opening Ceremony will be held at the Scotiabank Centre on Sunday July 16, 7:30 pm.

Closing Ceremony
The Closing Ceremony will be held at the Scotiabank Centre on Friday July 21, 8:30 pm.

For further information, click here.

The amount of $280 paid upon registration covers costs associated with transportation, accommodation, three meals a day and the delegation uniform.

For further information on the NAIG, please consult the participant’s handbook.

Safety is a top priority for team EDN and the host society. Safety protocols have been defined and will be implemented to ensure the safety of participants at all competition and lodging venues.

Coaches are required to remain with their youth participants at all times to keep an eye on them.

All adults, coaching and mission staff, provided a criminal background check and have met any governing rules regarding safety established by the NAIG Council.

Athletes and their chaperones will be housed in a hotel or university or college residence. Boys and girls will be housed separately. Coaching and mission staff will also make some surprise visits to ensure established rules are respected.

Date of departure : July 15, 2023
Date of return : July 23, 2023.

The delegation will travel to Halifax by bus. The departure will be on Saturday, July 15.  Return day will be on July 23.

More details of the athletes’ departure times will be sent to you shortly.

All team EDN members are expected to proudly wear team colours in keeping with its values: respect, team spirit and athletic excellence. Everyone must comply with team EDN and host society regulations outlined in the ‘Participant’s Commitment’.

Consumption of alcohol, cannabis, drugs or commercial tobacco is prohibited for the duration of the NAIG. If a participant is found to have violated these rules, they will be returned home at their parents’ expense, regardless of the impact this could have on the rest of the team.

The purchase of the competition uniform, at the athlete’s expense, will be made with the team coach. The cost will vary depending on the sport in question. For more information, contact the team’s head coach.

Before the NAIG

If you have questions, please contact your child’s coach. If they are unable to respond, you can contact Jonathan Dubé, at 418 842-1540, ext. 2710 ou à

During the NAIG

For more information, please visit the website,  the team EDN Facebook page , Instagram or write to

A daily newsletter will be sent to parents at the email address provided when they registered their child.

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